About Us
  Company Name International Tax Advisors, B.V.

  Address Sabal Palm 57
Belnem, Bonaire
Caribbean Netherlands
(Formerly the Netherlands Antilles)
  Map is here

  Phone 206-201-2226

  Fax 206-299-3826

  Contact Bruce Zavon, Attorney (Licensed in the states of Washington and Florida)

  Company Information Founded 2016

  Services Provided Tax consulting

Tax compliance and tax return preparation

Communications with IRS, state and other tax authorities

Coordination of planning and compliance with local tax advisors on Bonaire

  Local contact information

Local phone on Bonaire: 717-2946/701-2946 cell

The US phone and fax numbers above work anywhere in the world and will come directly to my computer whether I am on Bonaire, in the US or elsewhere. I am always available (unless I'm diving!)


President: Bruce.Zavon@zavontax.com

Associate: Bernice.Stephens@zavontax.com